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The richest on the earth, or the tiniest of the planet, almost every human being on the earth are curious about the celebrities’ personal details and biography. Especially, when it comes to Indian cinema celebrities, there is always a die-hard fan for all the actresses of the Tamil cinema or the Kollywood Industry.

Tamilactressdiary.com, thus an online portal for the Tamil Cinema actress fans and a platform focusing mainly on the Tamil Cinema actress life, career, Tamil actress biography, Tamil actress news, photos and image gallery, offering the up to date details where ever you are.

Our portal gathers the news from various internet sources, Newspapers, reputed magazines, interviews and also from the reliable sources vicinity to Kodambakkam (Chennai, Tamil Nadu). However, we claim that the information provided here about the celebrities is subjected to change, may vary from the Timeline and not cent percent reliable.

The visitors are requested to report to our editorial team through the E-mail Tamilactressdiary@gmail.com, if the celebrity information found need to be updated.

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