Amala Paul’s divorce and second marriage plan

Amala Paul’s divorce and second marriage plan

Amala Paul is a short and sweet Tamil actress, made her debut in the Tamil movie through Sindhu Samaveli. The movie turned out to be a controversial topic and reached Amala Paul’s character soon to Tamil audience.

She then fell in love with the director AL Vijay and both got married soon. However, the marriage life between them did not run long and end in legal and mutual divorce.

Amala Paul hot photo

After this, both of them concentrated on the film careers.

Director Vijay immediately got committed to the new movies soon while Amala Paul was looking for the opportunities.

Amala also reduced weight to make her look lean and sexy, which created hype.

In this situation, Amala recently said that currently she has no one in life to share and she may look for marriage soon.

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