Amy Jackson openly shows her Lesbian life partner in a photo

Amy Jackson openly shows her Lesbian life partner in a photo

What is happening around the British actress cum Tamil actress Amy Jackson, as her photo with a girl goes viral on the internet.

Amy Jackson recently showed her picture in the Instagram with a girl wearing a modern white Outfit hugging her from the back side.

The photo has a lot more to say that they are lesbian and a strong source to confuse about Amy Jackson’s sexuality.

The women hugging Amy is the famous UK based model model Neelam Gill. Whether the photo was taken for fun is even confusing.

The UK model Neelam Gill also mentioned in her Twitter page as “Vienna #LifeBall with wifey @iamAmyJackson”.

Whatsoever, the picture of Lesbian poses of both the celebrities gained more likes and comments in the social media asking about their sexuality and to speak about whether they are Lesbians.

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