Feelings of Tamil Actresses on Acting Navel Scene

True Feelings of Tamil Actresses on Navel Scene

Tamil actress Navel

Tamil actress showing her belly button in the movies and in item songs tends to obtain more chances and remuneration in Tamil cinema, says one of the glamour actresses from Kollywood.

Today a famous magazine devoted to Kollywood had interviewed a glamour artist of Tamil cinema about the experience she had when she was on the set.

Nayanthara Navel show

The actress concluded that how frustrating and shameful the moment would be, as hundreds and thousands of people around her in the shooting spot.

Though the navel shots in the movie can be enjoyed by a variety of audiences, think of the situation putting the actress in the position of embarrassed when their parents, relations, and friends encounter the scene.

Anushka Hot Navel show

She also claims that no director, producers, actor or a media person denies the item song or the belly button showcase in the Tamil cinema.

The trend of glamour in 2020 has made keeping a navel scene in the movie is one of the interesting and expected factors for a successful movie, as the audience expect and accept one.

Kajal Agarwal Hot Navel show

Also, the actress mentioned that the directors and producers are particular about imposing stressing on the point of the navel scene during the shooting, without which the call sheet may not be retained.

Anushka Hot Navel show

The glamour artist further listed a few Tamil actresses, who have been successful in their career without involving in glamour roles, which consoles and makes her proud.

Originally posted 2019-09-07 23:43:20.

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