Man Spends Rs. 75 Lakhs to Bring Kajal Agarwal Home

Rs. 75 Lakhs to Bring Kajal Agarwal Home

Kajal Agarwal is one of the most beautiful and sexy Tamil actresses in the field of Kollywood and in Indian cinemas. Every man on this earth would love to have a woman like Kajal Agarwal at some point in his life. One of such guys is Pradeep, who is a son of a multi-millionaire and a businessman in Ramanathapuram.


Pradeep is basically from Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu and has gone through a number of websites featuring Tamil actress photos and other details, and finally decided to get an actress to his home.

Kajal Agarwal sexy in Yellow saree

Greedy and blunt Pradeep, listening to his pal’s words had further surfed the website locanto and registered his name.


The fraud on the other end called Pradeep and engaged him about bringing Kajal Agarwal to his home.


Followed by this, the scam guy asked Pradeep’s personal details like name, photos and bank details for the registration. Also, he has been charged Rs. 25,000 for the initial registration.


Receiving the money, the fraud sent Pradeep some photoshopped nude photos of Kajal Agarwal, while Pradeep was alongside in the photo. Furthermore, the fraud threatened the businessman’s son that the phone call recording and other details will be disclosed to his close relations and on the internet.


Kajal Agarwal hot and semi nude

Feared and trembled Pradeep on the trap was further extracted Rs. 5 lakhs and then Rs. 75 Lakhs all together.


Fed up Pradeep has finally eloped from his home and reached Kolkata and informed his parents about his suicidal plan for the issue he has been trapped. On the other hand, his father lodged a complaint in the police station about the absence of his son for two days from the home.


Police investigated this case immediately and tracked the fraud with the mobile phone and find out that the person behind this scam is a Tamil film Producer called Saravana Kumar.


Kajal Agarwal hot look

Police arrested the film producer who made the Kajal Agarwal scam and imprisoned him.


When asked about looted Rs. 75 Lakhs, Saravana Kumar mentioned that he has spent almost Rs. 70 Lakhs in the cricket world cup gambling.

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