Tamil actress Nivetha Pethuraj Sexually harassed Reacts to Girl Rape

Tamil actress Nivetha Pethuraj about Kashmir rape victim

The Oru Naal Koothu movie actress Nivetha Pethuraj revealed that she was sexually harassed when she was in her childhood.

The actress mentioned this openly on the social media page today. This is actually due to the reflection of the nationwide shocking 8-year-old Kashmir girl rape case.

As the nation feels shame about this issue, the south Indian actress reacted to the issue and mention that she too was sexually harassed by her relations.


She also requests the male group to protect women from such brutal activities.

Nivetha pethuraj said that she was not even able to mention about this when she was at the age of five. The culprits are mainly from the known sources like close relatives, friends, and neighbors.

The actress also insists on the parents of the girl child talk about the issue when the kid is at 2.


Nivetha Pethuraj’s request to all Men

The actress further said the following:

“To all my men friends out there, I know you do a lot for us, most of you guys.

This is a request, please form communities of 8-10 people per street, and take turns every day to monitor what happens on your street. From day to night, night to morning, take turns and do it.

If there is something shady happening in your street, you can find it and question it.

Please do it for us (women). Inform the people on your street that you are watching out for them.” (sic). She added, “This is a small thing, you can easily give this to us. This is my request to all the men out there.”

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Originally posted 2018-04-16 13:58:42.

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