Tamil Actress Sai Pallavi Visits her favorite Shrine

Sai Pallavi Visits Sai Baba Temple

South Indian actress Sai Pallavi visited the Puttaparuthi, Sai Baba’s shrine recently along with her mother and found near the Locations of the temple.

Tamil actress Sai Pallavi visits sai baba temple in puttaparthi

Made her debut in the silver screen through the movie Premam in Malayalam and her foray in the Tamil movies has been a new set of fragrances in case of the entry of an actress for the Tamil movie audience.

Sai Pallavi is better known and noted for her simplicity of being featured even in the screens. The actress was recently in the news for denying almost 3 Crores and more money she was offered to act in a couple of advertisements like a fairness cream and a clothing shop that is bound to Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Actress Sai Pallavi denies to act in advertisements

Sai Pallavi was wearing a pink silk saree covered and wrapped around her in such a way that is actually advice and instructed by the Vedas and tradition.

This could be taken as an affirmation to the tradition the actress offers, especially on the day of the 94th anniversary of the Sai Baba.

Sai Pallavi dance

It is also said that the Tamil actress is much more bound to be the fervent devotee of Sai Baba, for which her name is associated with the name Sai.

Apart from being an actress, a doctor, and a very good dancer, Pallavi is still a celebrity who follows the tradition and insists on simplicity.

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