Samantha’s pregnant plan with Naga Chaitanya revealed

Samantha gets pregnant

Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently married her boyfriend Naga Chaitanya six months ago. The couple had a great time in their marriage ceremony in Goa and followed by the reception in Hyderabad.

Samantha later took a vacation for her honeymoon in the United States and photos of her and her spouse Naga Chaitanya went virally in social media.

Samantha was also continuing her acting career further and she got committed to the movies like Seemaraja opposite Sivakarthikeyan, Irumputirai with Vishal and Mahanathi co-starred Keerty Suresh.

Samantha_pregnant_with_Naga _Chaitanya

Samantha was also trolled for her photos she uploaded on Instagram, while she was on her honeymoon days.

As the situation goes like this, Samantha is now getting pregnant or not is the million-dollar question and expectation among the fans and audience.

While the chance we got to ask this to Samantha in an interview, she busted into laughed and replied that she and her husband have a timeline to have a baby, she said.

Samantha replied the following:

“I have put a date as to when I want my baby. The date has been fixed! Like, as if that’s going to happen according to the date we have fixed! But Chay (Naga Chaitanya) seems to be certain that it will happen on the assigned date!”


“But we have definitely fixed the timeline as to when we want to have a baby,”

Will Samantha quit acting after getting pregnant?

She replied,

“When I have a child, that child is going to be my universe. I had the greatest respect for working mothers.

Samantha_pregnant_with_Naga _Chaitanya

My childhood was not very rosy. For all adults, who haven’t had a very rosy childhood, the first thing they will tell you is that they want to give their child everything that they did not have.

That’s something that has stuck with me. So I think the first few years after I have a child, I would not be anywhere. That child will be everything for me,”

She also mentioned that, earlier, she needs to think only about herself, while now, the situation has changed and she needs to think about the family also.

“Chay and I have a very normal approach to things; from writing our provision list to deciding the menu for dinner, to seeing if everything is there at home.

Day-to-day activities are organized by us. I like to do that at home,”

Originally posted 2018-04-11 14:57:40.

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