Samantha’s Silent Slap Reply on those who speak about her Pregnancy

Samantha Speaks about her date and year of Pregnancy

Tamil actress Samantha getting pregnant date announced

If you are above 30, then probably annoyed with that one question when are you getting married?

If you are married, then you will be shot out with the next question how many children do you have? Say no kids yet to the questioner, next thing will be when will you get your kids?

These are a routine set of well-wisher’s questions asked irrespective of any age, country or race and the charming and mesmerizing Tamil actress Samantha is no way out of the rule.

Samantha_pregnant_with_Naga _Chaitanya

Everyone knows that the diva is married to Naga Chaitanya as per Hindu customs on 6 October 2017 and as per the Christian customs on 7 October 2017.

Samantha_pregnant_with_Naga _Chaitanya

Also, you would be knowing how Samantha made the internet hot by posting her photos even after marriage and her plans of getting pregnant.

As usual the one question that has been always following Samantha is that, when will she get the kids? And one such situation hit Samantha’s head and she has given a silent slap to the people who ask such questions repeatedly.

She simply replied the following:

“For all those of you who are really interested in the functioning of my body, I’m gonna tell you. I’m having my baby on the 7th of August at 7 a.m. in 2022”

Don’t you think that her reply has a thousand reasons and a silent slap?


Originally posted 2019-11-18 22:24:44.

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