You will love Sunny Leone for this reason, for sure

You will love Sunny Leone for this reason, for sure

Karenjit Kaur Vohra, well known by her other name Sunny Leone is loved and celebrated by lakhs and lakhs of fans in India and all over the world.

She is also loved for her porn activities and her role in the Indian film industry.

But, those were all the old reason to mention about Sunny Leone.

The new reason to love this Canada born actress is that, she has donated net 5 Crore rupees for Kerala flood relief.

Sunny Leone hot sexy lips

There has been huge comments and hates about Sunny Leone’s professional and personal lifestyle, however the actress continues to indulge herself in many social activities.

Though, there are number of Tamil actresses who earns in crores and donated few lakhs, Sunny Leone is one exceptional actress who has donated such a huge amount towards the Kerala flood relief.

Don’t you feel this is new and worthy reason to love Sunny Leone?

Originally posted 2018-08-21 03:06:22.

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