Tamil Actress Vijayalakshmi Files Police Complaint- You know Why?

Tamil actress Viayalakshmi files police Complaint

The Beautiful Tamil actress Viayalakshmi, came to popularity among the Tamil cinema audience through movies like Friends and ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran. After acting in a few Tamil movies, actress Vijayalakshmi got settled in her hometown Bangalore and continued to feature in Kannada movies.

Tamil Actress Vijayalakshmi

Recently, she noted for her suicidal attempt, due to her father’s sudden demise and turning her marriage engagement down.

Heartbroken Vijayalakshmi has gone on stress for a period of time and managed herself to overcome the situation.

In this situation, actress Vijayalakshmi has lodged police complain on Ravi Prakash, for misbehaving.

The actress was recently in the hospital for treatment for two months and the accused actor has helped her by paying one lakh rupees for the hospital bills. In turn, the actor tried to misbehave to the actress, which made her file a complaint.

She feels that she was trapped and cornered since she is a Tamil girl, and she requested the Tamil film board to donate one lakh rupees for paying her hospital bills and for the relocation from Bangalore to Chennai.

Originally posted 2019-07-12 23:17:42.

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