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Tanya Ravichandran (Tamil Actress)

Tanya Ravichandran is one of the youngest Tamil actress in the Kollywood zone, with the age of 21. Her name is Abbirami Sriram by birth, but change to Tanya Ravichandran for her acting profession.

She is a granddaughter of Ravichandra who is a popular actor famous for his olden day movies from 1964 to 1979.

Tanya has been in the Tamil cinema industry since the year 2016, and she is well known for her characters in Tamil movies like Balle Vellaiyathevaa (2016), Brindavanam (2017) and Karuppan (2017).

Tanya was inspired by her grandfather, and got ambition of becoming a successful actress in the Tamil cinema industry.

Tanya Ravichandran Family

Tanya is basically a Bharathanatyam dancer and performed show in her earlier age. The art of Bharathanatyam was thought by her mother Lavanya Sriram, who is basically a classical dance teacher.

To endorse further, Tanya’s sister Apparajitha is also a classical dancer of further, both the sister went on for many stage shows during their earlier ages.

Her father Sriram Ravichandran’s profession is not clear.

 Education and Qualification

Tanya Ravichandran is a Master degree holder and she completed her B.Com., (Bachelor of Commerce) degree at M.O.P. Vaishnav (Women’s College).

She further moved to Madras School of Social Work for obtaining her Masters degree.

 Audition and Film Chances

Tanya Ravichandran when approached for the movie chances in Tamil Cinema, she was noted first in the Mysskin’s movie audition. The eminent Tamil director Mysskin asked Tanya to change her name from Abbirami Sriram to Tanya Ravichandran, thus the name was further confirmed.

Unfortunately, Mysskin was busy with the movie direction with Vishal in the Thupparivaalan (2017) and postponed the direction with Tanya. The news reached the kollywood zone that invited further movie chances for her career.

Radha Mohan, a director of the Tamil Cinema came to know about Tanya and her selection with Mysskin’s upcoming movie, he offered a leading role in his movie Brindavanam (2017).

Movies Acted by Tanya

Balle Vellaiyathevaa (2016)

Tanya’s first movie in Tamil was Balle Vellaiyathevaa in 2016 opposite Sasikumar, directed by P. Solai Prakash. The movie is based on the rural story and Tanya took up the role of the butcher’s daughter Thanikodi.

Indiaglitz mentioned Tanya’s acting as “Nothing to complain about debutante Tanya, who fits the village girl role aptly and she gets to perform in the climax when the only genuine twist comes”.

Whereas, another critic for the same move mentioned that, Tanya “has nothing to do” and “sleepwalks through the role”.

Note: Tanya Ravichandran received an acting chance for the movie Balle Vellaiyathevaa (2016), only after seeing the promotional posters of her second film Brindavanam (2017) by Radha Mohan

Brindavanam (2017)

 The next movie for Tanya is Brindavanam in the year 2017. The movie’s theme is Radha Mohans’s special, that the director dares to direct realistic movies connected to the day to day life.

The whole movie was pictured in the hill station Ooty, while Thanya joins Arulinithi who acted as deaf and dumb in the movie. Tanya falls in one side love with the person with disabilities and the role played by her was deep and natural.

Appreciating her role played, The Hind pointed that, Tanya “walks away with a wonderful performance in the role of Sandhya” and that “the director deserves appreciation for his sketch of the lead female character; someone who is bold, daring and can make individual choices”.

Another review from The Hindustan Times mentioned that, Tanya “is a talent to watch out for and she’s in this for the long haul”

The New Indian Express threw light about her performance as “thoroughly effervescent”.

Karuppan (2017)

The second movie in the same year for Tanya Ravichandran is Karuppan opposite Vijay Sethupathi and Bobby Simha.

Karuppan is a rural story directed by R. Panneerselvam, in which Tanya revealed her acting skills naturally portraying the rural, educated wife of Vijay Sethupathi, who is a Jallikattu enthusiast.

The costumes and the dialogue delivery were appreciated by critics and the story gave significance for Tanya’s role Anbuselvi.

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